Current Projects

Walsh Bay Arts Precinct


The Walsh Bay Arts Precinct (WBAP) project is a major redevelopment of Pier 2/3, Wharf 4/5 and the surrounding public domain at Walsh Bay. The project will see this area transformed into an integrated performing arts and cultural precinct. The project includes internal reconfiguration of the wharf buildings, external alterations and the creation of a new waterfront square which will extend the area of public domain over the water between the two wharves.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as the Project Manager for the WBAP project carrying out design development, procurement and tendering of the Principal Contractor and the delivery phases of the project. Cadence is also engaged to act as Principal’s Authorised Person under the GC21 Contract.


The buildings were built in the early 1900's, and are a major landmark in Sydney. Prior to work commencing the WBAP is occupied with various Arts disciplines, that will be required to relocate before and during the works. The nature of the project involves detailed communication with all parties due to the staging of the works and its inherent sensitivities.


Internal and external changes proposed to pier 2/3 and wharf 4/5 as part of the WBAP project requires the restoration of piles below the building. Cadence’s role in the early works is the procurement of a contractor to carry out a condition audit of the substructure, and complete any repairs as directed by a structural engineer.


Anzac Memorial Centenary Project

Hyde Park, Sydney

The Anzac Memorial Centenary Project (AMCP) involves the construction of a new education and interpretation centre (EIC) beneath the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park, as well as a new water cascade and landscape works to the south of the memorial. The project intends to see the original 1930s vision for the Memorial by Sydney architect Bruce Dellit finally completed. The AMCP project is, for completion by the close of the Anzac Centenary in 2018.


Stockton Boat Harbour


Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) are redeveloping the existing Stockton Boat Harbour. The project includes demolition of the existing marina and associated structures and construction of a new 26 berth mariner with upgrades to the car park and associated services for the site.


Cadence has been appointed to project manage the procurement, design, approvals and construction.


The project requires two planning approvals; a Development Application to the Department of Planning & Environmental; and a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to Roads and Maritime Services.


The Boat Harbour has existed in some form from around 1905. Overtime the harbour has silted and requires dredging to allow for the new proposed marina. The dredging and disposal of the sediment material requires special approval.


CSI Cook Freeze Facility

John Morony Correctional Centre, Berkshire Park

The CSI Food Services Cook Freeze Facility is located within an operating Corrective Services complex and will provide more than 30,000 inmates meals each day for distribution throughout NSW correctional centres. The facility will employ advanced CO2 refrigeration technology and high volume food production machinery to achieve the required product output.


The construction works include demolition, construction of bulk storage freezers, blast freezers, cool rooms. New areas include cooking, amenities, offices, loading docks and truck turning areas.


Cadence Australia has been engaged by NSW Justice as the Principal’s Authorised Person and Project Management services for the Works.


Sydney Olympic Park Authority


Sydney Olympic Park Authority identified the requirement to upgrade their existing Storage Area Network (SAN). The SAN infrastructure’s equipment was drawing to the end of its functional life and required replacement. The project also included migration of all existing data with minimal disruption to SOPA’s operations.


The construction of the Sports Training Field will support the development for the NSW rugby league community including its youth, players and referees. The sports training field will complement the existing sport facilities catering to rugby leagues and wider sporting disciplines.


Following its completion in 1999, prior to the Sydney Olympics, SOPA acknowledged the existing railway station required an immediate aesthetic refurbishment. Specifically, all existing metal components within the property needed attention to resurrect the key SOPA asset.


SOPA has engaged Cadence to provide project management services including procurement, planning and coordination of works during construction of all projects.

St Stephen's Uniting Church


Built in 1842, the St Stephen's Uniting Church (SSUC) is a heritage listed building located in a heart of the Sydney CBD. Due to the major development (60 Martin Place) directly adjacent to the property, SSUC recognised the opportunity to undertake a much needed refurbishment to the existing roof, stained glass windows and water reticulation.


Cadence has been appointed to provide project management, contractor procurement services for the refurbishment works. In addition, Cadence services also include interfacing and management of the deed between SSUC and the custodian of the adjacent development.


Being a heritage listed building poses various challenges and by working in close collaboration with heritage consultants, Cadence is intricately navigating within the Authority's constraints.

Prison Bed Capacity Program (PBCP)

Parklea Correctional Centre

The PBCP involves the delivery of additional bed capacity across the NSW prison system. Cadence is the Project Manager responsible for the delivery of the 150 bed capacity increase at Parklea Minimum Security and involves the expansion of the existing facility that requires significant stakeholder management, consultant management and the acting as the Principal's Authorised Person under the GC21 Contract.

Griffith University, Campus Life (NF)


Griffith University has appointed Cadence Australia as a project manager to join the Planning, Design and Construction (PD&C) team. The University had a growing number of minor and capital works projects that were primarily electrical infrastructure based.


The projects are spread over several Griffith campuses and vary from the installation of emergency generators and fire hydrant pump installation to the upgrade of the Nathan campus high voltage electricity network.


Cadence is working as part of the Campus Life, PD&C team to oversee various projects through the design development, contractor procurement and to act as the Principal's representative.


The Grove, Richlands - Azure


The Grove is located in the suburb of Richlands in Queensland. The project involves the design and construction of 164 townhouses including all the internal roads, a large bio-retention basin, a swimming pool and a communal / recreational area including half a basketball court / bbq area. The construction works is being delivered over 4 stages from May 2017 to December 2017.


Cadence was appointed by the Developer as the Superintendent on the project. The role includes attending PCG Meetings with the project Financier, reviewing variation and extension of time claims, certification of monthly claims and granting Practical Completion at the end of each stage.

ANZ Risk Advisor Consultancy


In its capacity as Senior Debt Funder, ANZ appointed Cadence to undertake a 'project health check' audit for two Queensland projects in 'distress' following the insolvency of the contracted builder after construction works had commenced onsite.


Cadence advised ANZ on the Developers proposed strategy for the completion of the project including;


  • Head and Subcontractor terms and conditions (including novation)
  • Program duration and risk,
  • Levels of appropriate Development contingency,
  • Warranties for prior work,
  • Insurance coverage, and,
  • Authority requirements and risks


The content of the 'project health check' report was used to inform the discussions and decisions that were made between the Developer and Lender to facilitate the completion of the projects.

8-10 University Avenue

Macquarie University, Sydney

Cadence Australia Pty Ltd has been engaged by Macquarie University to provide project management services for concept development, Development Application documentation and Development Application approval of the project.


The project, two A-Grade office buildings of approximately 50,000 m2 of Gross Floor Area, will include labs, collaborative spaces and areas for innovation. This mix of uses will help bring strategic partners to the Macquarie University campus, optimising research and commercialisation.


The buildings ranging from six (6) to seven (7) stories will also accommodate a 5 Green Star Design and As-Built development rating.


A central pedestrian through-site link will connect the site to the broader University Campus. The buildings will incorporate flexible floor plates, central atrium, lift lobby and amenities supported by a high quality public domain.


The project is part of a long-term vision for the 126ha campus which adjoins the fast-growing Macquarie Park regional centre in Sydney's north.

Sydney Metro Over Station Developments


Sydney Metro, Australia's biggest public transport project, will be a new standalone railway providing 31 new metro stations and 65km of new metro rail.


Cadence Australia has been engaged to undertake property project management services to assist with both property acquisitions and the Over Station Developments.


Cadence Australia's involvement with Over station Developments particularly involves the provision of strategic advice relating to; procurement management, project planning, design management and project governance.


A key deliverable for the project is the lodgement of a Stage 1 State Significant Development Project Application with the Department of Planning for 6 Over station Development sites.

The University of Sydney, LEES 1


The LEES1 project involves the design and construction of a new 8 storey science and environment teaching and research facility at gateway to the Sydney University campus on City Road.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as the Project Manager for planning approval, stakeholder consultation, design development and finalisation, and delivery phases of the project. Cadence is also engaged to act as Superintendent under the D&C Contract.

Newington College Early Learning Centre & Wyvern Year 6


The project is to provide new facilities at Newington College's Wyvern Preparatory School Campus. The proposed works include a new Early Learning Centre, a new Year 6 Centre, and miscellaneous alterations and additions to existing teaching and support facilities, including the playground and carparking. The works, including demolition of existing structures to facilitate the new work, need to be staged and planned to accommodate the school's ongoing operations, and the amenity and safety of the students, staff and wider community is paramount. It is critical for Newington College that the new facilities be completed by end of 2017, for operations to commence in January 2018.


Cadence Australia has been engaged to provide project management services, based on an existing Development Application consent. Our role includes confirmation of the project brief, procurement of consultants, design development and documentation, contractor procurement (including Early Works Package) and superintendence of the D&C construction contract.

Pine Tree Lane


Pine Tree Lane, Terrigal is a 6 story mixed use development which comprises 70 residential apartments, commercial tenancies, retail tenancies and 2 levels of basement car park.


Cadence Australia’s role on this project includes Project management and Contractor procurement services.


Fire Services in Existing Residential Care Buildings (FSiERCB) Program: Category 2

South Queensland


The key objective of the FSiERCB Program is to ensure the existing facilities are refurbished within the required deadlines to comply with the Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP 2.3.


The scope of works includes the installation of sprinkler systems and other essential fire upgrades to the occupied residential aged care facilities.


Project constraints include;

  • Agreeing a decanting schedule with each facility to enable a staged installation of the sprinkler system.
  • Close liaison with the QFRS and the various local authorities
  • Extensive scheduling and programme management
  • Procuring the 17 sites across 3 regional clusters, multiple head contractors with  a separate site team for each  of the 17 facilities
  • For at least 4 sites, developing design solutions that are compatible with QFRS approved fire engineered alternative solutions.
  • Coordinating the works to take place in typically 100% occupied facilities.


Cadence Australia’s role includes;

  • Design and consultant management
  • Scheduling and programming services
  • Project management and procurement services
  • Superintendents Representative on all projects

Harold Park Tramshed

Harold Park NSW


The Tramshed at Harold Park was built in 1908, the Heritage listed Tramshed is being converted from a tram maintenance shed to a shopping centre consisting of a GLA of 7500 sqm, 1 x major and numerous specialties.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as the Superintendent for the fully documented building contract.

MLC Centre Façade Maintenance



The MLC Centre, an iconic Sydney building strategically located on Martin Place at the corner of King and Castlereagh Streets, is one of the city's prominent CBD addresses, housing premium commercial tenants, high-end fashion houses, restaurants, the Theatre Royal and a car park.


Designed by the prominent late architect Harry Seidler, the MLC Centre was way ahead of its time in its design, being the only landmark building in the Sydney CBD at the time that foresaw and provided large expanses of open space in the heart of the city.


It conceptualises the notion of a city within a city and offers an extensive range of facilities and services to those who work in the Centre or nearby.


The project involves remediation of the building façade as part of a maintenance programme to ensure its long-term preservation, and is undertaken in two stages: Stage One includes design, testing and site establishment, including the installation of a custom-built mast climber system fixed to half of the tower façade at a time; and Stage Two which incorporates the remediation works to the façade. The MLC Centre remains operational and tenanted throughout the duration of these works.


The nature of the project requires interaction with, and management of, the particular interests of a large group of stakeholders - being the joint building owners, the building management team, the contractor and various specialist consultants, authorities and tenants.


Cadence Australia's role included the procurement of a Condition Audit Report to determine the condition of the building façade, tendering and engagement of a specialist concrete remediation consultant,  tendering for a lump sum Design & Construct specialist contractor for the remediation works and contract management of the resultant Design & Construct contract, management of the consultant team as well as client management and reporting.


Click here to view Australian Financial Review Article (October 2013)

NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) Portfolio Strategy



The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) is developing a Portfolio Strategy to guide future investment decisions for its significant property portfolio, and comprising of some 145,000 assets including land, buildings (different types of housing stock, including other facilities).


The Portfolio Strategy assesses LAHC’s existing property portfolio, to develop a position as to the optimal mix of strategies, policies and programs to improve the portfolio, in the context of delivering LAHC’s social objectives and meeting its funding constraints.


Cadence Australia’s role includes:

  • Preparation of consultancy briefs, engagement of consultants and contractors
  • Review and coordination of consultants
  • Project scoping, management and scheduling
  • Project reporting
  • Stakeholder coordination and engagement


The large number of assets required bespoke strategy development models to be created for assessment of the existing properties, and to provide guidance in creating the specific strategy for each asset.

Glenmore Park School for Specific Purposes (SSP)

Western Sydney


Cadence Australia has been engaged by the Department of Education & Communities as Project Manager and Contract Administrator to plan and deliver a new SSP facility on a Greenfield site in Western Sydney.


The school is to accommodate up to 16 class groups of special needs students as well as teaching and support staff. The project brief is to design and construct an enhanced and adaptable learning environment which consists of up to 16 classrooms, staff and administration facilities, library, outdoor learning areas, hydrotherapy pool, multipurpose spaces and supporting infrastructure.

Newington College Year 7 College and Drama Centre



Following the success of the Newington College Sesquicentenary Project in 2012, Newington College have engaged Cadence Australia to provide services in Contractor Procurement, Contract Administration and Quality Assurance.


Newington College are creating three new areas for students including a Year 7 College, Drama Centre and Entry Forecourt. The Year 7 College comprising of three levels will feature an interesting clear glazed vertical stair way and classrooms while the new Drama Centre will provide over 190 seats across two storeys overlooking a large performance stage.

Housing NSW - NBESP Program

Program Management Office


Housing NSW (HNSW) as a key agency of the NSW Government is charged with the delivery of the Federal Governments Nation Building and Economic Stimulus Plan (NBESP) in the area of social housing.


This NBESP Program is part of the Federal Government’s Fiscal Stimulus initiatives. The Federal Government has committed $6 billion nationally over the period 2008/09 to 2011/12 to build approximately 20,000 additional social housing dwellings.


The delivery of the NBES Program involves Housing NSW working in partnership with the private sector, bringing additional capacity and capability, to deliver the Program by way of the Program Management Office (PMO), located in Ashfield, NSW.


The core function of the PMO is to lead and manage the execution and delivery of the NBESP Program. The PMO team manages other private sector project management teams in the delivery of housing projects, working closely with HNSW executives who understand the systems and operations of HNSW. Cadence Australia currently has a team working within the PMO, in conjunction with HNSW staff, to manage the delivery of a significant part of the NBESP Program.


Click here to view the Master Builders Association Article (June-July 2010) outlining the success of the Program in NSW (2,309kb) »

Lomandra Drive Upgrade, Stage 1

Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is responsible for the delivery of the Lomandra Drive road upgrade project. Scope of works includes the widening and upgrade of an existing 700 metre section of heavily trafficked road to create two dedicated through lanes and turn lanes. It includes the installation of a signalised intersection, relocation of major services, and protection of critical services, upgrading of trunk stormwater drainage and associated civil works. The works are an important improvement to the existing road network and stormwater infrastructure to cater for future Airport development.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as a Project Manager within the BAC team. Our role includes the project management for approvals, design development, contractor procurement and project contract administration, in addition to performing the role of the Principal's representative delegate for the Construction.

Airside Drainage Upgrade, Stage 1

Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is undergoing Airside Drainage upgrades. The scope of works includes bulk and detail earthworks, acid sulphate soils treatment, critical services protection, culvert and drain upgrades and ground establishment to a low lying tidal area adjacent to movement, manoeuvring and navigational aid areas. The project aims to increase the effective drainage to an area of approximately 45 Hectares and in doing so increase Aviation functions and the ease of regular maintenance.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as a Project Manager within the BAC team. Our role includes the project management for approvals, concept and design development, contractor procurement and project contract administration, in addition to performing the role of the Principal's representative delegate for the Construction.

Rouse Hill Town Centre

Rouse Hill, NSW


The Rouse Hill Town Centre is an existing 70,000 sqm retail town centre owned by the GPT Group.  Cadence Australia are advising on and managing for the GPT Group, the interface issues with the proposed developments adjoining the centre. These developments include the new Rouse Hill Train Station that forms a part of the Sydney Metro North West and a number of new medium density residential developments, both associated with and external to the development. The project involves engagement with government and private stakeholders including Transport for NSW, Sydney Metro North West, Urban Growth, The Hills Shire Council, Rouse Hill SPV and utility authorities.


In addition Cadence Australia continues to provide strategic advice and project management services associated with various elements of the proposed expansion of the Northern Frame (approx. 35,000 sqm of new retail) and mixed-use development land adjoining the centre both of which will be developed by GPT.

Penrith Lakes Development

Penrith, NSW


The Penrith Lakes Scheme site is located in the northern outskirts of Penrith in NSW and is approximately 1985 hectares in area. The site is currently operating as an open cut sand and gravel mine processing raw material such as gravel and sand for the site's three shareholders. As the raw material extraction progresses the mined area is being rehabilitated progressively to form a series of lakes in accordance with the agreement with the NSW Government.


Cadence Australia has worked closely with the Penrith Lakes Development Corporation Limited (PLDC) in the development of the Penrith Lakes Scheme. Cadence Australia’s role has been in the project planning, procurement of infrastructure, mining contractors, land rehabilitation contractors as well as support in areas of Contractor management, design solutions, land remediation, mine rehabilitation activities, design and management of a QA system unique to the project.


Cadence Australia also provide ongoing Project Management and Superintendent services for the Penrith Lakes project which include the recent successful completion of the Wildlife Lake Weir and Flood Outlet Pipe as well as involvement in the procurement of significant further infrastructure planned to be completed by early 2015.

Wentworth Point



Wentworth Point is a new waterfront Urban Activation Precinct just north of Sydney Olympic Park. Cadence Australia is providing development management advice and support to RMS (Maritime Assets). The tasks involve directing the development team in RMS through the feasibility and design stages and onto the disposal strategy.


The team has worked closely with Dept. of Planning for the rezoning of the site, and continues working with UrbanGrowth on the development of the detailed feasibility and disposal strategy. Liaison has been required with Dept. of Education, TfNSW, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Auburn Council. The development will include up to 2,500 apartments, a school, a 200 dry stack boat shed, and substantial new open space and foreshore walk.


Rozelle Bay Project

Rozelle, NSW


Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has appointed Cadence Australia to provide Project Director Services to manage the numerous individual development agreements of the 18 development lots at Rozelle Bay.  Developers have entered into development agreements to develop their site and enter into a long term lease.


Developers of Rozelle Bay range from marine related contractors, marine related commercial businesses, and marinas.  Two of the most significant developments in Rozelle Bay include the Sydney Boathouse and the Rozelle Bay Superyacht Marina.


Cadence Australia has developed and implemented a governance framework which focuses on the delivery of the proposed developments in accordance with the masterplan, authority approvals, and the Development Agreements.  This requires close collaboration and management of RMS, the developers, and all stakeholders.