Demolition, Hazardous materials, site remediation and facade retention

P1 Structural Concrete Repair

Sydney Olympic Park

The P1 Structural Concrete Repair project at Sydney Olympic Park involves the rectification of the failed concrete floor slab in the P1 carpark including propping, jacking, piling and constructing new concrete columns.


Cadence Australia is providing Project Management services to Sydney Olympic Park Authority to manage the project's completion within time and budget constraints and in accordance with the engineer's design specifications. Stakeholder management and liaison in particular with car park administration and the main contractor is critical to the success of the project as the carpark will remain operational whilst the rectification works are being executed.


MLC Centre Façade Maintenance



The MLC Centre, an iconic Sydney building strategically located on Martin Place at the corner of King and Castlereagh Streets, is one of the city's prominent CBD addresses, housing premium commercial tenants, high-end fashion houses, restaurants, the Theatre Royal and a car park.


Designed by the prominent late architect Harry Seidler, the MLC Centre was way ahead of its time in its design, being the only landmark building in the Sydney CBD at the time that foresaw and provided large expanses of open space in the heart of the city.


It conceptualises the notion of a city within a city and offers an extensive range of facilities and services to those who work in the Centre or nearby.


The project involves remediation of the building façade as part of a maintenance programme to ensure its long-term preservation, and is undertaken in two stages: Stage One includes design, testing and site establishment, including the installation of a custom-built mast climber system fixed to half of the tower façade at a time; and Stage Two which incorporates the remediation works to the façade. The MLC Centre remains operational and tenanted throughout the duration of these works.


The nature of the project requires interaction with, and management of, the particular interests of a large group of stakeholders - being the joint building owners, the building management team, the contractor and various specialist consultants, authorities and tenants.


Cadence Australia's role included the procurement of a Condition Audit Report to determine the condition of the building façade, tendering and engagement of a specialist concrete remediation consultant,  tendering for a lump sum Design & Construct specialist contractor for the remediation works and contract management of the resultant Design & Construct contract, management of the consultant team as well as client management and reporting.


Click here to view Australian Financial Review Article (October 2013)


WADAC is a rehabilitation centre for women at Landcom's Prince Henry Development. The site covers an area of 5,300m2 the main building, landscaping and recreational areas. Cadence Australia project managed the demolition of existing buildings, site remediation, DA design, and the tendering and construction phase of the project. The role continued into the management of the defects liability period and ongoing maintenance of the facility.

Marrickville Railway Station

Project management services for Rail Infrastructure Corporation for the demolition of existing multi-story car park above operating rail lines.

Parramatta and Chatswood Rail Station

Demolition, remediation and archaeological management for Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation of buildings and structures at both Parramatta and Chatswood Rail Station in preparation for major rail upgrade works.

Parramatta Transport Interchange

Demolition, excavation, remediation and archaeological management of 22 buildings adjacent to Parramatta Rail station for Parramatta Rail Link.

Prince Henry at Little Bay


Hazardous material removal, demolition, remediation and archaeological management of 69 buildings located on the Prince Henry Hospital site, as part of wider project management services.

Smith Street


Demolition, excavation, remediation and archaeological management for Sydney water of 9 low and medium rise shops and offices in Parramatta in preparation for new Sydney Water Headquarters.

109-113 George Street


Demolition, excavation, remediation and archaeological management of a former RTA office complex for Landcom.