Infrastructure and Master Planning

CSI Cook Freeze Facility

Berkshire Park, NSW

The CSI Food Services Cook Freeze Facility is located within the John Morony Correctional Centre and provides more than 30,000 inmates meals each day for distribution throughout NSW correctional centres. The facility employs advanced CO2 refrigeration technology and high-volume food production machinery to achieve the required product output.


Cadence was engaged by NSW Justice as the Principalís Authorised Person and to provide Project Management Services for the works. The construction works included demolition, construction of bulk storage freezers, blast freezers, cool-rooms. New areas include cooking, amenities, offices, loading docks and truck turning areas.


Stockton Boat Harbour


Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) redeveloped the existing Stockton Boat Harbour site. The Stockton Boat Harbour has existed in some form since around 1905. Over time the harbour had silted and dredging was required to allow for the new proposed marina. The dredging and disposal of the sediment material required special approval. To facilitate the project two planning approvals were required including a Development Application to the Department of Planning & Environmental and a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to Roads and Maritime Services.


Cadence was appointed to project manage the procurement, design, approvals and construction. The project included demolition of the existing marina and associated structures and construction of a new 26 berth mariner with upgrades to the car park and associated services for the site.


Aquatic Centre Projects

Sydney Olympic Park

The Aquatic Centre in Sydney Olympic Park underwent works to uplift a granite hardstand and construct a new permanent carpark. This project involved remediation to existing landscaping, irrigation and paving alongside the beautification of existing assets to create visual improvements to the Aquatic Centre.


Cadence Australia provided Project Management services to Sydney Olympic Park Authority with a focus on protecting their assets and facilitating the completion of the project within time, budget and specification requirements. Key to this project was the effective management of all stakeholders including swimming pool management to minimise the impact on daily operations and contractors as they executed works whilst the area remains operational.


Lomandra Drive Upgrade, Stage 1

Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is responsible for the delivery of the Lomandra Drive road upgrade project. Scope of works includes the widening and upgrade of an existing 700 metre section of heavily trafficked road to create two dedicated through lanes and turn lanes. It includes the installation of a signalised intersection, relocation of major services, and protection of critical services, upgrading of trunk stormwater drainage and associated civil works. The works are an important improvement to the existing road network and stormwater infrastructure to cater for future Airport development.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as a Project Manager within the BAC team. Our role includes the project management for approvals, design development, contractor procurement and project contract administration, in addition to performing the role of the Principal's representative delegate for the Construction.

Airside Drainage Upgrade, Stage 1

Brisbane Airport


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is undergoing Airside Drainage upgrades. The scope of works includes bulk and detail earthworks, acid sulphate soils treatment, critical services protection, culvert and drain upgrades and ground establishment to a low lying tidal area adjacent to movement, manoeuvring and navigational aid areas. The project aims to increase the effective drainage to an area of approximately 45 Hectares and in doing so increase Aviation functions and the ease of regular maintenance.


Cadence Australia has been engaged as a Project Manager within the BAC team. Our role includes the project management for approvals, concept and design development, contractor procurement and project contract administration, in addition to performing the role of the Principal's representative delegate for the Construction.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority - SAN Upgrade


Sydney Olympic Park Authority identified the requirement to upgrade their existing Storage Area Network (SAN). The SAN infrastructure’s equipment was drawing to the end of its functional life and required replacement. The project also included migration of all existing data with minimal disruption to SOPA’s operations.


Cadence Australia was engaged to provide project management services including procurement, planning and coordination of works during the upgrade.


Sydney Olympic Park Authority - Rugby League NSW Training Facility


The construction of the Sports Training Field will support the development for the NSW rugby league community including its youth, players and referees. The sports training field will complement the existing sport facilities catering to rugby leagues and wider sporting disciplines.


Cadence Australia was engaged to provide project management services to support the resource requirements of the project.


Sydney Olympic Park Authority - Olympic Park Railway Station Refurbishment


Following its completion in 1999, prior to the Sydney Olympics, SOPA acknowledged the existing railway station required an immediate aesthetic refurbishment. Specifically, all existing metal components within the property needed attention to resurrect the key SOPA asset.


Cadence Australia was engaged to provide a procurement services and project management services during the project delivery stage of the project.


The Bays Precinct Transformation Program



The Bays Precinct Transformation Program involves the urban rejuvenation and redevelopment of sites and foreshore areas located along Johnston's Bay, White Bay, Rozelle Bay & Blackwattle Bay. The Program is the city's largest Urban Transformation since the Sydney Olympics and comprises 98ha of largely government owned land and surrounded by 94ha of harbour. The program will transform underused and run-down areas into stunning waterfront destinations that are wonderfully connected with modern architecture, adaptively re-used heritage, public spaces, promenades & inspiring workplaces.


Cadence Australia was engaged to provide project management services, including planning, programming and coordination of works.

Bays Precinct



Due to our experience with Blackwattle and Rozelle Bays with RMS and also Rozelle Rail Yards for the Department of Planning, Cadence Australia were appointed by UrbanGrowth to assist them prepare its overarching Renewal Strategy for the entire "Bays Precinct" area. This includes land within and adjoining the fore mentioned areas plus several other key sites such as Glebe Island and White Bay. The Bays Precinct is one of eight large urban renewal projects which UrbanGrowth are undertaking and has been labelled the "highest potential urban renewal site in the world".

Blackwattle Bay



Cadence Australia assisted RMS (Maritime) and UrbanGrowth NSW to prepare development options for sites around the perimeter of Blackwattle Bay. This involved consultation and coordination with; the Office of Boating Safety and Maritime Affairs, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, the Government Architect, and the Bays Precinct Implementation Committee.

Leppington Master Plan



Cadence Australia has project managed and supported Cox Architects in the preparation of the Leppington Precinct Master Plan for the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. The precinct will play a significant role in providing sustainable growth and delivering affordable and diverse housing in Sydney and is adjacent to the Leppington Major Centre, which will be served by the new SW Rail Link.


The Master Plan delivers a memorable series of places, capitalising on the main water body on the western boundary of the Precinct, while maintaining the broader street pattern of existing roads and lot efficiencies. The plan integrates both these elements and create key linkages with parks that correspond to the natural characteristics of the site.

Western Sydney Parklands Trust



Western Sydney Parklands is a newly created 5,500 hectare park in Western Sydney. Cadence Australia was the client representative and project manager for a new landscape master plan and Concept Plan for one of the nine precincts called Bungarribee. The Concept Plan is for the establishment of a Parks Service Centre which included tourism, retail and park operations. The landscape master plan was for the remaining 214 hectares which is similar in size to Centennial Park in Sydney.


Cadence Australia's key responsibilities included authorities' management, consultant procurement, design management and programming.

Green Square Town Centre



The Green Square Town Centre is a significant urban renewal project for the City of Sydney and the New South Wales State Government. It involved the renewal of 14 hectares of multiple ownership industrial sites into a major town centre strategically located on the City-Airport corridor.


The Town Centre provided approximately 410,000sqm of new residential, commercial and retail development, and accommodates approximately 5,500 new residents and 7,000 workers.


The first stage of renewal involved the design and implementation of infrastructure and the public domain. The new streets, plazas, parks and underground services support the roll-out of private development and created a vibrant town centre for the new community of residents and workers. Environmental sustainability was a key objective for the City and Landcom.


Landcom engaged Cadence Australia to provide project management services for the delivery of the infrastructure and public domain development consents. Cadence Australia's role included complex client and stakeholder liaison, management of consultant teams, and various levels of project reporting.

Penrith Lakes Development



The Penrith Lakes Development site is approximately 1,985 hectares and is located on the Eastern bank of the Nepean River. The site had been operating primarily as a mining site, processing raw material such as gravel and sand for the site's three shareholders, Boral, Readymix and Hanson.


The site has now been progressively rehabilitated to form a series of lakes in accordance with the Development Consents. Part of the main lake is formed and partially filled with water, whilst the balance of the site has been progressively remediated to form a suitable residential landform.


The Penrith Lakes Scheme has involved the extraction of sand and gravel from the flood plains of the Nepean River, while the mine has commenced the rehabilitation stage as it nears the completion of the quarrying activity. A subset of the Penrith Lakes Development team, the Land Rehabilitation Team is responsible for designing and implementing the rehabilitation plan for the 1,985 hectare mining site.


Cadence Australia works closely with PLDC to provide ongoing project management support in areas of Contractor management, design solutions, mine rehabilitation activities, design and management of a QA system unique to the project needs as well as procurement of mine and land rehabilitation Contractors including preparation of scope of works, contract conditions and forecasting cost to completion. As Superintendent, Cadence Australia was responsible for the delivery of infrastructure, including the Wildlife Lake Weir and Flood outlet pipeline.


Cadence Australia's project management and superintendency services during the remediation works ensured compliance with the deed requirements and assisted the project team in reviewing the cost plan in relation to design and methodology for the proposed project feasibility.

Prince Henry at Little Bay

Little Bay


This landmark site is located 14km south-east of Sydney’s GPO, on the eastern side of Anzac Parade. It forms part of the site known as Prince Henry (The Coast Hospital), including The Coast 18-hole Golf Club and the now redundant hospital.


Cadence Australia was appointed Project Manager for the redevelopment, collaborating closely with Landcom to achieve a unique urban renewal of this significant estate.


The project involved redeveloping 32 hectares of the total site area of 85 hectares. This included building 900 residences, including retail / commercial facilities, accommodation for existing community groups, aged care facilities and a medical centre. The total site is heritage-listed with 18 buildings retained and restored.


Initial works for the project involved extensive demolition and remediation works as well as complex Authority approvals, including 16 Development Applications.


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Cook Cove



Cadence Australia was appointed as the project development manager for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, acting for the State Government to manage the Cook Cove development.


The project involved relocating the existing Kogarah Golf Club to make available land for a 22-hectare trade and technology development. Cadence Australia was involved in the approved Master Plan and REP preparation through to detailed environmental, planning, feasibility, and stakeholder management and landowner negotiations.


The project included the consolidation of 100 hectares of State Government, local Council and privately owned land. This included producing complex development and delivery agreements. Several community benefits flowed from the project, including the construction of foreshore walkways, new and accessible public parks, the removal of contamination liabilities, security of land tenure for the golf club, creating new local sporting facilities and the ongoing management of the site’s wetland environment.

Ballast Point



The Ballast Point project involved the construction of a harbourside park on remediated grounds. The construction involved the delivery of all works on the design drawings and incorporated the repair and maintenance works to seawalls, supply and installation of underground water storage tanks and associated equipment, construction of paths, stairs and ramps, ground levelling including the import of required fill, construction of retaining walls , installation and reintegration of heritage items, supply and installation of drip irrigation system, supply and installation of all service conduits and pipes, construction and connection of amenities blocks, supply and installation of lighting, landscaping and planting, supply and installation of park furniture and the installation of public art.


Cadence Australia assisted Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority with the Expression of Interest (EOI), procurement strategies and tender process, including preparation of the documents, calling EOI and tenders, followed by tender analysis and assessment.

Caddens Release Area



Caddens Release is a 670 hectare residential development for Landcom. Prior to the development proceeding, the Caddens Release area was not zoned as residential and significant submissions were required in order for the rezoning to a residential area to be considered.


Cadence Australia was appointed to manage the Landcom nominated consultants to design, review and prepare reports to support the rezoning application to residential for the 670 hectares of planned residential development. Responsibilities included stakeholder management, managed the consultancy contracts, bid evaluations and advise to Landcom on aspects such as community infrastructure.


The rezoning submission was successful and the land has since been developed for release by Landcom.

Darling Island Stage 3



Darling Island Stage 3 - Pyrmont required a master plan followed by a Development Application approval for an approximately 20,000sqm floor space commercial building for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.


Cadence Australia managed the preparation of the documentation to seek master plan approval on the site. Following the master plan approval Cadence Australia prepared the scheme for lodgement and approval as a Development Application.


Cadence Australia managed the design management, contract administration, preparation and evaluation of tender documentation, liaised with Authorities, provided procurement strategies and managed the programme and Development Application process.


The approved scheme was then taken to market and became known as Workplace 6, the new headquarters of Google. The design provided for a world leading environmentally sustainable building including features such as harbour heat rejection (sea water cooling), chilled beam cooling for the building, elimination of cooling towers, significant water saving features, black and grey water treatment facilities.

Edmondson Park



Edmondson Park was one of the first precincts to be planned in the South West. With the potential for 6,000 new dwellings, as well as local shops, services and jobs.


In the early phases of the project, Cadence Australia was engaged to undertake an 'Urban Form and Infrastructure Delivery Staging Plan' and provide advice to Landcom on the strategic planning and delivery of infrastructure services for this proposed new residential and town centre development in Sydney's South–West growth corridor.


This included preparing a set of recommendations pertaining to a possible governance structure that might mitigate the risk associated with decision making and delivery issues concerning budget, quality and time.

Greystanes Estate



The Minister for Planning rezoned Boral's Greystanes Estate to facilitate its redevelopment for employment and residential development. The development consisted of a residential development, Nelson's Ridge, Northern Employment Lands subdivided and largely developed with warehouses, distribution centres, the Boral office building and the Southern Employment Lands subdivision of approximately 75 lots for employment which is generating uses such as industry, warehouses, research and development and associated offices.


Cadence Australia was responsible for the project management of the Northern and Southern employment development consisting of the quarry exit planning and programming, the management of the design, authorities and construction of the bulk earthworks, infrastructure of roads and services including the sewer and stormwater storage systems and electrical substation for the entire development.

Victoria Park



Victoria Park is a 25 hectare site located at Zetland with 2,000 dwellings and over 150,000m² of commercial and retail space.


Cadence Australia represented Landcom on-site and was responsible for the management of the design, tender documents, preparation and administration of contracts for infrastructure including high voltage power, hydraulic services, roads and traffic signals, land remediation, public domain as well as interface with developers and contractors in managing the interests of the Client.


Cadence Australia was responsible for the major road work upgrade and liaising with authorities including Council, Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), Sydney Water and Energy Australia.

North Eveleigh Rail Yards

North Eveleigh


Cadence Australia was commissioned by the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) to implement its strategies to redevelop North Eveleigh and Redfern Station. The redevelopment of these sites was identified as necessary to act as a catalyst for the long term revitalisation of the Redfern-Waterloo area.


North Eveleigh, approximately 10 hectares of disused rail yards, is located within 3km of the Sydney CBD. A Concept Plan under the former Part 3A Major Project Application process was lodged and approved by the Minister for Planning for commercial, residential, retail, and arts uses. This required extensive consultation with; RailCorp, various Government departments, the local community, authorities, consultants, and contractors.


Cadence Australia managed and coordinated RailCorp to disestablish from the site, and project managed the design and construction works associated with the refurbishment of the former Blacksmiths' Workshop for the adaptive reuse as a multi-use facility - a market venue, arts space, and a car park.


In response to the former NSW Government's announcement to sell both North Eveleigh and Australia Technology Park, Cadence Australia coordinated the preparation of the due diligence reports, services investigations, and extensive environmental investigations.


Cadence Australia was an integral part of the steering committee which was established to redevelop Redfern Rail Station. Cadence Australia's involvement was instrumental in ensuring that the station upgrade design was adequately considered for the provision of access to; the Redfern Town Centre, Australian Technology Park, North Eveleigh, and University of Sydney.

Sydney Fish Markets


Cadence Australia acted as Project Development Managers for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority over a 3-year period. During this time a Master Plan to guide future development for the site was prepared.


Elizabeth Macarthur Bay


Cadence Australia managed the preparation of the brief and the following design competition of the former water police site in Pyrmont for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. Following the conclusion of the competition the winning scheme was worked up into a Development Application and full commercial analysis ready for sale to the market.


Prior to the sale process the State Government decided to sell the site to the City of Sydney. This sale process and due diligence period was managed through to handover.